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Shares Sladorana d.d. Županja

Company's share capital amounted to HRK 266,824,700.00 (in words: two hundred sixty six milion eight hundred twenty-four thousand seven hundredths croatian kuna).

Company's share capital is divided into 2,668,247 shares and 1200 shares of Series A, 2,625,738 shares of Series B and Series C shares 41 309

The nominal amount per share in the previous paragraph is 100.00 HRK (in words: one hundred HRK).

Shares are issued in dematerialized form and are stored in the Central Depository Agency, based in Zagreb, Heinzelova 62a ("CDA") under the symbol SLDR-RA, ISIN: HRSLDRRA0004, CFI: ESVUFR.